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Al Fawzan provides professional tire replacement Dubai with pouring affordable and reliable service hub. For every kind of vehicle’s tire change Dubai, we are the best cost solution. Our fast and trustworthy services will make you smooth and safe on a road with high-quality tires suitable for your vehicles. Our auto technicians are just a call away to give you the best tyre change Sharjah and Dubai. With a vehicle consultation at our auto clinic, expert technicians will assist you on the need for new tires or the time when you have to go for a tyre change.

Tyres are quite expensive and there is a trend among a few customers to go for used tires in order to save on cost. However, our tire replacement Dubai never suggest you for such a move as the usage and maintenance of a used tyre cannot be predicted. So our tyre change Sharjah and Dubai, on the part of to be safe on road, always suggest for tyre replacement if nothing is possible to cure the old one for more life.

Why tyre change is recommended?

With the usage over time, tyres get depreciated on outside as well as inside. Cracks and tears can get developed, which eventually cause the separation of steel belt inside the tire. If the vehicle is not maintained well with timely wheel balancing and wheel alignment tyres will lose life soon. More heating and careless driving also accelerate the wear and tear of the tyre. Ageing is the prime cause that will demand a tyre change for all the vehicles. Based on the manufacturers’ recommendation, a well-used and maintained tyre is also advised for a change once it crosses the defined age.

Tyre change for a vehicle is recommended when:

  • The legal tread depth is reached: Tread depth is the prime factor associated with the safety of a tire. It is the deepness of the main grooves that cover the circumference of the tyre. Usually new tyres will have a tread depth around 7mm, while the legal limit is 1.6mm. Over use, most tyres will get tread wear indicators, which are hard, raised bars at the bottom of each groove. When the tread is level with these bars then the tyre reaches on the legal limit. If the wheel alignment is off, wear and tear on tread and tyre will happen soon.
  • Tyres are damaged of any reason: Any internal or external damages to the tyres will cut down its life and you may require a tyre replacement. It can also occur from something minor, such as simply driving over a pothole, but the ramifications can be extremely serious. Blisters, bulges or splits in the sidewall are also a usual indicators of serious internal tyre damage.  More exposure to sunlight also cause cracks to the tyres. Regular checkup pf tyres and careful management of vehicle can increase the life of the tyres.

How long you can use a tyre?

Use of tyre is highly dependent on the type of vehicle, quality of the tyre, driving style, care given to tyres etc. However, every tyres are introduced to the market with a disclaimer on expected life under conditional usage.

 Generally, an average tyre should last 25,000 miles. However, manufacturers recommend that all tyres regardless of depth should be replaced after 10 years. Many automakers, including Ford, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz, tell owners to replace tires six years after their production date, regardless of tread life.

If more care is given to the tyres regarding the tyre pressure you can use tyres for long run. Underinflated or overinflated tyres can increase wear and affect the handling of your car. Using the correct pressures for your car’s tyres will make out this. Attention given to use the same pressure gauge will enhance the life of the tyres. Over inflation and balancing then by releasing air out will also cause damage to the tyres.

Factors affecting the life of a tyre:

Proper care and timely management with wheel balancing and wheel alignment can improve the life of the tyres. Following are the major factors that will affect the life of a tyre.


Environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures will cause severe damage to tyres. Exposure to sunlight and coastal climates will fasten the aging process. Use of tyre in summer and winter seasons are recommended with various pressure by the manufacturers itself. It is just for a measure to safeguard your tyres during the extremity of heat, as highly inflated tyres can burst and cause serious accidents to vehicles.


Tyres kept for long time storage also reduces the life. No matter even it is unused, once the tyre is mounted, it is as like in use and get aged over time.


If the tire has been inflated and mounted on a wheel, it is considered to be on use and will get age over time even it has never been used. If a vehicle’s spare is mounted underneath the vehicle, it’s exposed to heat, dirt, and weather for a long time and can cause damages and depreciation, but lower than of one on the road.

Conditions of use

This refers to how the tire is treated. Proper inflation, timely alignment, wheel balancing, pressure check, tyre inspections, careful drive etc. will reduce the wear and tear on tyres.  Proper maintenance is the best thing a person can do to ensure a long life for tyres. Our tyre change sharjah help our clients with regular tyre checkup and other guidance to enhance vehicles tyre life.

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