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Rim straightening

Al Fawzan is the best choice for all kinds of rim repair Dubai. Our Experienced technical team will resolve every issues related with tyre rims and help the client to save cost on new ones. Our wheel repair team are professionally qualified detect and remove every kind of damages or faults with tyre rims. They will take care of every kind of bends and buckles in tyre rims and restore them to perfect condition.

When a rim change is necessary?

Damaged alloy wheels affect the value and performance of vehicle. As tyre rims are costly, usually everyone first prefers for the rim repair. Restoring your alloy wheels to factory new condition will ensure the original performance of your vehicle.

Our rim repair Sharjah and Dubai will solve 99% cases and help the client from new investments on wheels and rims. Usually a rim damage occurs, when the wheel of the vehicles hit on the kerb or pot hole the wheel may bend, buckle or generate flat spot. This can result in the vibration or wobbling of vehicle, even at lower speeds. It can also cause the deflation of tyres through air leakages. Our wheel repair Dubai uses rim changing tools and equipment efficiently to meet the customers easily in minimal time. Our rim straightening and repair services are available for all types of vehicles.

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Get the most affordable rim straightening Dubai

A simple parking accident can even cause the damage to the outer rim of your alloy wheel leaving the wheel looking old and abused. We are committed to provide reliable and economical rim repair Dubai to offer you the most convenient service. Our technicians are all set with every equipment and tools to restore any type of client’s alloys either to their original color and finish or update their look with a new color to your choice.

In our rim repair Sharjah and Dubai, every wheel repair will be done by expert technicians in a systematic way. From the surrender of vehicle for rim straightening, our team will carefully follow each steps from removal of wheels to stripping the wheels back to the bare metal. Every damage is detected and repaired before powder coating, painting and lacquering to ensure that the client is delivered with a perfect service.

Our standard alloy refurbishment is quick and hassle-free. Our highly trained technicians are on hand to discuss what finish is best for your alloys, Al Fawzan guarantees a great result for your rims. Our technicians are trained to provide the perfect rim repair Dubai with specialized tools and equipment.

Rim straightening at Al Fawzan includes the following services:

  • Kerb Damage Repair
  • Dent Removal
  • Wheel Straightening
  • Wheel Buckle Removal
  • Corrosion Removal & Repair
  • Wheel Leak Repair
  • Wheel Welding
  • Crack Repair
  • Wheel Paint Refinishing
  • Brake Dust Corrosion Removal

Based on the kind of damages caused to tyre rims, our technicians will adopt various techniques to straighten them. Let it be any kind of rims including, custom tyre rims, we will repair it with full confidence of our technicians.

How to repair tyre rims?

Repairing a tyre rim requires professional technician’s assistance, however, some people who have basic auto knowledge will try to resolve issues with wheels and rims by themselves. We provide quality rim repair sharjah and in Dubai. If you are equipped with enough tools and equipment to perform rim repair, the following guidelines may help you for the same. But we strictly remind you of not making a chance to lose on more money with nonprofessional interfere.

Guidelines for rim repair

Remove the Tyre

Position the jack underneath the car on the side with the bent rim. Raise the jack to lift the vehicle. Remove the lug nuts from the wheel. Pull the rim and tire off of the car. If your rim is bent badly enough, your tire may already be flat and easy to remove. If your tire is not flat from the bent rim, only professional technician can help you. Call Al Fawzan!!

Use the pry bar to separate your flat tire from the bent rim. Move the pry bar around the seal of the tire, pulling it off of the rim. Repeat with the other side of the tire seal, completely removing the tire.

Fix Your Tire

Heat the bent area of the rim with the blow torch. Concentrate the heat on one portion of the bend for approximately two minutes. Hit the heated rim with the mallet to bend the rim back to its original shape. Wait until the rim has completely cooled. Use the pry bar to put the tire back on the rim. Move the pry bar around the seal on one side of the tire, pulling it back onto the rim. Repeat with the other seal. Use an air compressor to inflate your tire. Generously soaping up the space will give you an idea on air leak. If any leak, you need assistance, call Al Fawzan!

Replace Your Tire

Roll the tire back to the vehicle. Lift the tire and align the holes in the rim with the studs for the lug nuts. Slide the tire onto the vehicle. Screw the lug nuts back onto the wheel studs. Start with the lug nut on the bottom and tighten against the rim.

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