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Buy tyres Dubai from the most reputed sellers and get an expert tyre fitting service!!

Al Fawzan is the authorized sellers of various tyre brands in Dubai. We help you to move on the road safely with our best cost tyres Dubai. Quality and standard of the tyre defines the smoothness and comfort of your journey. We sell all types of tyres including Car tyres Dubai, truck tyres etc.  we offer tyre fitting solutions for cars, trucks and bikes. Our quick and fast tyre services will let your vehicle back on the road in a short time.

Highly performing tyres that ensure enough grip and control on ride is usually preferred by the customers. Going for low-quality tyres will never give optimal control which may harm the life of the driver as well as the car. We have got wide range of tyres that suit every type of vehicle at an economical price. Our collection is filled with various industrially leading brands on quality and standard. With our tyres Dubai, get assurance on your money.

Al Fawzan is keen to keep its widest array of tyres with the smooth relationship made with suppliers and distributors. Our car tyres Dubai is always at best buy deals on price and quality. We are committed to delivering all the leading brands of tyres to every customer at a minimal price. Our auto technicians will help you to find on the right type of tyre that will perfectly suit to your type of car and driving. Our extended variety of products that are priced reasonably to let you grab wheels from the world-renowned manufacturers.

We Sell:

  • Passenger/car tyres
  • SUV/4WD tyres
  • Truck tyres
  • Van tyres
  • Bus tyres
  • Agricultural Tyers
  • Bike Tyres

Why used tyres are dangerous?

Planning for new car tyres Dubai??

Spending money that worth for life should be always preferred. Only because of being expensive, there is a trend to go for used tyres. Tyres Dubai requires various qualities, which may be a lost one, if you prefer a used one. Used tyres are of no guarantee on how well, it has been managed and how it has maintained throughout.
Going second hand sale for car tyres Dubai, will be a worse decision. Even though it saves bit, it never guarantees you on quality. It will never give you a fantastic riding experience like a brand new tyre Dubai.

Tips to buy car tyres Sharjah

In search of best tyres Dubai, follow the tips!!

Avoid used tyres

Never plan to save on cost by getting used tyres Dubai. Used tyres may be expired one or not enough fit to be on road.

The dealer

If you are focusing to get best service and safety, get on the best tyre dealers in Dubai and Sharjah. Al Fawzan is a one stop solution for all types of tyre requirements in Dubai. We are the authorized dealers of various tyre brands. We sell genuine tyres Dubai by adhering to the rules on wheels. Our experts will guide the buyers with various options they have from different brands.

Keep a thought on your driving style

Considering your driving style is one of the other thing to keep in mind when you are buying a new tyre. If you are a frequent rider or soft or firm drive, carry heavy loads, or ride through improper roads, based on these all, the type of tyre you have to choose varies. Get advises from our auto technicians of Al Fawzan and fix on the right type of tyres.

Get a matching set

Getting a perfect set of tyres that will match with the features of the car will give you more comfort. Suitable cars will help to save on the maintenance cost of tyres in future and also offer a flawless drive.

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