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Meet the most accredited tyre dealers in Dubai. Al fawzan is known as the best tyre shop Dubai, over many years. We have a stock of wide range of various vehicle tyres. Our collection includes tyre sizes from a comprehensive list of manufacturers, including Dunlop, Michellin, Good year, Nexen, Cooper, Federal, Maxxis, Kumho and Hankook tyres. We are the tyre supplier in Dubai to offer from premium brand tyres to lower priced. All of our tyres are available to buy in store with expert mechanical assistance on tyre solutions.

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Al Fawzan is the leading tyre supplier in Dubai with all major brands at best cost. We always keep quality in every tyre business with any type of clients. Our relationship with branded tyre companies, make us to sustain as the best tyre dealers in Dubai. In our tyre shop Dubai, we sell:


We are the tyre dealers in Dubai to meet every type of passenger car tyres in Dubai. This type of tyre requirement depends on the climate that the vehicle operates in. All season tyre is suitable for the passenger cars in UAE all year round as they are best suited for use under summer conditions and for mild winters in areas that do not experience snow.


Al Fawzan is the popular tyre supplier in Dubai with wide collection of SUV tyres. SUVs are typically fitted with all-terrain tyres. All-terrain tyres have stiffer sidewalls which gives them greater puncture resistance when driving off-road. The tread patterns of SUV tyre is also spaced wider than all season tyres, which removes mud from the tread. Many SUVs feature a spare tyre that is of the same thickness and quality as the other four tyres, and mounted on the back of the vehicle for easy access. Auto mechanics in our tyre shop will provide expert assistance for your SUV tyres and fitting requirements.


We are the authorized tyre supplier in Dubai with most collection of 4 x 4 tyres. All your tyre requirements and services on 4x 4 tyre types are met at our tyre shop Dubai at best cost. High flotation tyres are generally used for off-road driving in a passenger vehicle. Flotation tyres are designed for slower speeds and full-time off-road use. They differ from mud and snow tyres, which are designed for tarred roads covered in mud or snow. This tyres require adjustments for paved and unpaved roads.


Best tyre dealers in Dubai for all your commercial tyres!!

Al Fawzan is providing a mass range of commercial tyres at reliable cost and high quality. Get our auto technicians to meet your tyre needs and choose among the varieties in our tyre shop Dubai. We have tyres for vans, trucks, buses, heavy vehicles etc. which are used for commercial applications, for example on freight trucks, passenger buses and dump trucks. They are specialized according to the position they take on the commercial vehicle. Heavy loads require multiple tyres to be fitted to trucks. Our Mechanics will help to choose on the type of commercial tyres based on driving road, expected loads etc.

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