Factors affecting the life of a tyre

/Factors affecting the life of a tyre

Factors affecting the life of a tyre

Proper care and timely management with wheel balancing and wheel alignment can improve the life of the tyres. Following are the major factors that will affect the life of a tyre.


Environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures will cause severe damage to tyres. Exposure to sunlight and coastal climates will fasten the aging process. Use of tyre in summer and winter seasons are recommended with various pressure by the manufacturers itself. It is just for a measure to safeguard your tyres during the extremity of heat, as highly inflated tyres can burst and cause serious accidents to vehicles.


Tyres kept for long time storage also reduces the life. No matter even it is unused, once the tyre is mounted, it is as like in use and get aged over time.


If the tire has been inflated and mounted on a wheel, it is considered to be on use and will get age over time even it has never been used. If a vehicle’s spare is mounted underneath the vehicle, it’s exposed to heat, dirt, and weather for a long time and can cause damages and depreciation, but lower than of one on the road.

Conditions of use

This refers to how the tire is treated. Proper inflation, timely alignment, wheel balancing, pressure check, tyre inspections, careful drive etc. will reduce the wear and tear on tyres.  Proper maintenance is the best thing a person can do to ensure a long life for tyres. Our tyre replacement Dubai help our clients with regular tyre checkup and other guidance to enhance vehicles tyre life.

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